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Once upon a time...

I was born in Transylvania, the home of carved gates and headboards and I had been living there until I was grown. I started carving at the age of 6, just like all Transylvanian urchins and I graduated from a vocational school in Odorheiu Secuiesc as a locksmith. The love of carving has accompanied me all my life, and it has gained me a lot of pleasure.

However, it also taught me many things. Therefore I believe that wood carving is one of the most complex, personality-developing activity for all age groups, regardless of gender.

It is a creative and meditative activity that creates harmony and peace of mind in our hectic and often monotonous world. The meeting of the two professions, in my case, resulted in the preparation of fully ergonomic, handy tools which are razor sharp. In case of a beginner carver the proper tool and wood material selection is of utmost importance, as with unsuitable tools and too hard or too soft wood, the beginner carver will lose his enthusiasm very easily. The hand-made tools prepared individually by me are suitable for making enthusiastic both the beginner and advanced carvers. The kits contain knives
and chisels, sharpening stones and sharpening leather, respectively, pre-drawn practicing wooden tables in order to study wood fibre direction.

Once you try it, you will not be able to give it up. These products are very good for schools, students and as a gift.

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